ISIFFA International was established to provide high-level training to various specialists, government officials, and other officers to help them gain the requisite skills and knowledge needed to influence policies and bring change in our social fabric.  

To be the leading training and coaching agency offering high-level training programs to public servants 

Our aim is to inform, train, teach, and coach future ambassadors, and political and military leaders to become strategic foresight analysts and use the skills to influence policy and lead change. We encourage the development of critical analysis skills and the use of strategic insight to influence policy development nationally and internationally. 

What we offer:
- Online courses and coaching sessions on strategic insight for foresight analysis
-  OSINT research for foresight analysis 
- Inexpensive online collection of workbooks, essays, course reading/required texts,  strategy building templates, book reviews, and strategic insight for foresight analysis models. The resources are developed by our Research and Innovation Division team members


Professor Anita Abbott

Founder and Strategy Director

From the director's desk

I welcome you to ISIFFA.  ISIFFA is the trading name of the Asia-Pacific Global Foundation Ltd, a company that was established in New Zealand in March 2006.

ISIFFA is the supporter of the Asia-Pacific Security Innovation (APSI) Forum and Center of Excellence. APSI Forum and COE is a leading New Zealand think tank in strategic partnership and cooperation in International Relations. 
As the supporter and underwriter of APSI Forum and COE, we do NOT share information about APSI and its members. 

Do visit APSI website: By purchasing our products and services, you support the work of APSI.

I look forward to interacting with you both at APSI and ISIFFA.